UK Military’s Trident Nucle4r Deterrent Replacement Plan Leaked by Pentagon

The Trident nucle4r weap0ns system, based on Scotland’s west coast, consists of four British submarines armed with eight MlSSlLES, each carrying 40 nucle4r w4rheads.At least one British submarine is at sea continuously, carrying the nucle4r arsenal.Pentagon officials have leaked the UK’s commitment to buying a new generation of nucle4r w4rheads to replace domestically made Tridents, a process that is expected to cost a whopping £31 billion ($40 billion).Speaking at a Senate hearing last week, Strategic Command Admiral Charles Richard said that there was a requirement for a new warhead called the W93 or Mk7 in the US.He added that “this effort will also support a parallel replacement warhead programme in the United Kingdom, whose nucle4r deterrent plays an absolutely vital role in NATO’s overall defence posture”.Richard was echoed by Alan Shaffer, the Pentagon’s deputy undersecretary of defence for acquisition and sustainment, who told a nucle4r deterrence summit earlier this month that he thinks “it’s wonderful that the UK is working on a new w4rhead at the same time” and that London and Washington “will have discussions and be able to share technologies”.For full article in link source.Source :

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